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Make an Environmental Complaint

We are available 24 hours every day to receive complaints under our jurisdiction.
To submit a complaint under our jurisdiction :

If you want to report a smoking vehicle, please use this TCEQ online form.

See instructions on making a complaint about a landscape irrigator or installer or an on-site sewage facility (septic system). pdf.gif

(Esta información en Español. / This information in Spanish.)


Complaints the TCEQ Can Help You With

Types of problems under the TCEQ's jurisdiction and those that fall under the jurisdiction of other agencies.

Gathering and Preserving Information and Evidence Showing a Violation

Information about most agency protocols, procedures, or guidelines to use when collecting and submitting information or evidence to the TCEQ.

How the TCEQ Handles Environmental Complaints

Explains the TCEQ's process for handling environmental complaints.

Track Status of Complaints

Find out the status of environmental complaints, whether currently under investigation or resolved.

What If Your Complaint Is About an Odor?

Explains the special circumstances regarding nuisance odors.

Utility Complaints

For complaints about water utility rates; certificates of convenience and necessity; or the sale, transfer and merger of water and wastewater utilities, contact the Public Utility Commission Exit the TCEQ.

TCEQ Enforcement

Track Complaints and Enforcement
Track the status of complaints and pending enforcements actions.

The Enforcement Process: From Violations to Actions
Explains the various phases of action that can occur when environmental violations are found. Includes discussion of notices of violation, notices of enforcement, agreed orders.